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General Forum Rules

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General Forum Rules

Post by Cosmic Ocean on Mon Jun 16, 2014 4:15 pm


1.) Proper Conduct - Be polite and respectful.  Being rude to other members is not tolerated.  Feel free to argue strongly against other members and debate them with a passion, but always be respectful.  You are free to attack ideas; not free to attack members.  Don’t be antagonistic, don’t be immature, don’t flame, and don’t troll.  If you believe a member is breaking a rule or is contributing negatively to rational discussion in some way, please use the Report function and we will examine the situation promptly.  Let us take care of disruptive members, you stay respectful.

2.) Positive Contributions - Use common sense and contribute positively to the discussion topic.  Always try to advance an argument and behave maturely while doing so.  Stating casual or off-topic opinions without much thought gets us nowhere.  We’re looking for hard numbers, science, and examples in tandem with logical argumentation and rational speculation; we’re not looking to see how obnoxious a fanboy someone can be.  Contribute beneficially or don’t contribute at all.

3.) Language - Using foul language in the context of exclaiming a point is allowed.  “You don’t know what you’re talking about you fucker” is not accepted.  “…and it can blow a galaxy into a gazillion fucking pieces” is perfectly okay.  Keep foul language away from the sexually explicit.  Racist, sexist, or homophobic terminology intended to degrade or used in poor taste is not allowed.

4.) Legal Content Only - No illegal and/or copyright infringed materials may be posted, linked to, or in the case of the former, promoted, on this forum.  Doing so will result in an instant ban.  Keep content loosely PG-13 so that all ages can enjoy this forum.

5.) Consequences - Infractions will be decided by the moderators on an individual basis.  You may appeal moderator decisions as much as you want at the CONTEST UNFAIR INFRACTIONS forum.  If you feel that we have unfairly infracted, censored, or banned you for any reason, take solace in that any true corruption on our part will probably bite us in the end considering people will not be having fun here and will eventually leave.


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