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FTIC Rules

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FTIC Rules

Post by Cosmic Ocean on Mon Jun 16, 2014 4:25 pm


The FTIC sub-forum is for posting technical information about fantasy and SF universes as well as information about real-life entities that could be used in a VERSUS BATTLE, as well as debating the validity of that information.  

1.) General Rules - All GENERAL RULES apply here.

2.) No VBs - Versus Battles cannot go here.  They have their own sub-forum.

3.) Canon & Integrity - All the information presented in this forum and all the debating that revolves around that information must adhere to official canon sources, logical argumentation, hard numbers, in-universe science, and real science and the parameters of real reality when applicable and necessary (which is very often).  You may create articles about the mechanics and science behind Mass Effect railguns, for instance, in the context of that universe, or, you may create an article about the real world feasibility of railguns in the context of real world science (which would help with comparisons in the BATTLE ARENA since most battles will take place on neutral ground).  In both cases, you must stick to rigorous scientific principles and argue on the level of an informed layman about the subject matter.  If you make an article about how suspended animation in the Alien franchise is done using quantum singularities, it’s obvious you have no idea what quantum singularities are, and your post will be deleted on grounds that you are ignorant of the scientific principles and/or the information within the in-universe’s parameters, and are thusly not contributing positively to the forum.

4.) Speculation - Speculation must be kept to a minimum and be logical.  In the case of fantasy, obviously speculation is more accepted and necessary than in the case of hard SF, but keep it rational and bounded by real world common sense.  Speculation is more welcome in the BATTLE ARENA.  This sub-forum is meant for cold hard facts, stats, numbers, concrete examples, and science.

5. Common Sense & Objectivity - With all of this in mind, it would be meaningless to have discussions in this forum without some objective standards when it comes to the nature of reality.  Argue and inform using reality’s standards, but tempered and edited by the nature of the fictional in-universe's science.


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