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What is the FTIC?

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What is the FTIC?

Post by Cosmic Ocean on Mon Jun 16, 2014 4:58 pm


This forum is for cataloging the feats, stats, and overall abilities for individuals or groups presented in the BATTLE ARENA, or, for compiling information that could be used for future debates.  It is also a forum to discuss and debate technical aspects without having to place them in the context of a VERSUS BATTLE.  So if you’d like to create a catalog of Ori feats or the feats of an Imperial Star Destroyer, do so here.  If you’d like to discuss how powerful the ships from Babylon 5 are or how fast Superman can fly, do so here.

You must read the FTIC RULES before posting in this sub-forum.

*****In order to make a comment on this forum you agree that you will be a respectful and polite user. Your input is welcomed as long as you present cogent arguments and information that is beneficial to the discussions at hand. Otherwise, your input is not welcome and may be deleted if it breaks the RULES. Totally off-topic contributions are not tolerated and will be deleted. Severe rules violations will result in a ban from the forum.*****


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