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What is the Battle Arena?

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What is the Battle Arena?

Post by Cosmic Ocean on Mon Jun 16, 2014 4:56 pm


This sub-forum is for VERSUS BATTLES concerning person(s), place(s), and/or thing(s) vs. other person(s), place(s), and/or thing(s) in some kind of conflict that will be decided on the superiority or inferiority of one over/under the other.  Questions framed like “who has the biggest fleet?” do not belong on this forum.  This forum is for things like “which fleet is more powerful?”.  While anything is allowed, stuff like “which college is better” is frowned upon as the forum is meant to be about fantasy, science fiction, and historical conflicts - mostly pertaining to wars, physical violence, and complex political, social, or economic intrigue.  

The Galactic Empire vs. the Culture.  Gandalf vs. Dumbledore.  The Reapers vs. the Borg.  The Q Continuum vs. the Time Lords.  Tang Dynasty vs. Roman Empire.  UNSC vs. Starfleet.  Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris.  Xeelee Nightfighter vs. the Shrike.  Superman vs. Goku. Lightsaber vs. plasma sword.  US military vs. Stalinist USSR.  Brazilian Jiu-jitsu vs. Muay Thai.  Sauron vs. Voldemort.  

These are but a few examples of what kinds of discussions can be started here.  You the user are free to suggest any fictional battle you want.  Battles in the context of science fiction, fantasy fiction, fictional individuals, fictional groups, real individuals, real groups, space ships, weapons, the political stability of fantasy kingdoms - you name it – it’s all fair game.

Topics that deal with subjective aesthetic tastes such as “Star Wars vs. Star Trek” or “space opera vs. high fantasy” are strictly forbidden as no objective criteria can be used.  You can have Star Wars vs. Star Trek, but you need to create some specific and objective criteria for the debate such as “The Star Wars universe vs. the Star Trek universe in a cosmic war.”

For discussions of feats and technical information without having to be in the context of a versus debate, see the FEATS AND TECHNICAL INFORMATION CATALOG.

You must read the BATTLE ARENA RULES before posting in this sub-forum.

*****In order to make a comment on this forum you agree that you will be a respectful and polite user.  Your input is welcomed as long as you present cogent arguments and information that is beneficial to the discussions at hand.  Otherwise, your input is not welcome and may be deleted if it breaks the RULES.  Totally off-topic contributions are not tolerated and will be deleted.  Severe rules violations will result in a ban from the forum.*****


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